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Project R700 - Building the Ultimate Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Part #2 - The HPA Conversion

That's right. We're here. This is the big part. This is all new territory for me. I've never even owned a gas sniper, let alone converting a springer to one. I have experience using them, as I knew some guys in Spain who owned gas snipers, but in the UK climate it was never a worthwhile investment.

This has all changed as of today. The Wolverine Bolt has now arrived. We will be able to finish our build and with my local airsoft site opening on July 5th, I'll be taking it out for a spin sooner rather than later!

Installing it was pretty easy. Wolverine Airsoft have a video on their youtube channel that tells you pretty in depth how to install it. It's pretty straightforward, but will require a drill as you will need to drill some holes into the receiver and trigger unit, maybe even the stock depending on how you feed your line.

If you remember the first part, I've already upgraded everything else, so all I'm doing here is literally just swapping out the cylinder and removing all the sears from the trigger unit. You can use the stock cylinder if you wish, but you need to make sure you buy the right set if you wish to do that as the JG and TM have different threads. The kit I bought was all inclusive, so all I had to do was remove the bolt handle and end cap from my current cylinder and use the Wolverine one.

Furthermore, I've decided to go with the Wraith CO2 adapter as opposed to a HPA tank, as the adapter plus CO2 bulb fits nicely into the stock. Temperature shouldn't affect it and CO2 bulbs are pretty cheap. There's no right or wrong answer, I think it just comes down to whether or not you want to cart around a HPA tank. I want everything self-contained, hence my choice to go with the CO2 adapter.

Overall, I think this kit is fantastic. It's pricey, but it allows you to have a bolt action sniper rifle with an effortless bolt pull and variable power. If you're going to a site with a lower power limit, just adjust the psi. In addition, it's incredibly silent thanks to the lack of moving parts. Personally, I love it and I think this will be my new main gun, alongside the m21 if I feel like using a semi-auto.

Ths is going to be a lot of fun come Sunday the 5th!

This is the total cost breakdown of this project, as well as where I got the parts:

All in all, I feel this is definitely worth it. It's around the same price point as building a spring VSR, maybe a tiny bit more expensive, but it gives you a bolt action sniper rifle with variable power, total silence and an effortless bolt pull.

I think this may be my magnum opus of bolt actions...


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