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Project M21 - Building the Ultimate Airsoft DMR - Part #3: The Externals, Barrel and Hop Up

I finally received the last parts for this project, after having to fill in some forms for import because customs got iffy about the barrel and hop coming from the US, though I did feel like a badass having to fill in forms about importing firearms. It's the little things in life...

Anyway, after subjecting myself to the total dismantling of the TM m14 and probably gaining some sort of AEG gearbox-based PTSD, I felt glad that these last parts would be incredibly easy to install. I sat down and prepared myself to relax, watching a Twitch stream and clearing the absolutely tiny space on my desk that I have for this kind of work.

This time there was no horror story. There were no springs going everywhere. There were no missing parts; no seven hour stints of pain and torture. It was actually just... easy. It was relaxing. I am a bit more familiar with barrel and hop up changes, as that's usually about all I do for upgrades in an airsoft gun.

The externals were surprisingly easy to install as well. It didn't take me long to figure out the rail handguard or the bipod and I managed to get it all fit nicely. The only horror story to come out from this is that I will have to wait until my local airsoft site re-opens after Covid passes to actually try it out. I can't wait to see how far it slings those .4s now that the power has increased and the new hop up should be more than up to the task unlike the stock rubber. Ever since slapping a professionally installed r-hop into my VSR I have been fully converted to using them for any of my more powerful guns. This one came from Umbrella Armory, which I have read good things about, so consider me incredibly up for giving this gun a nice test fire at the range.

Unfortunately, I live in a city, so no testing for me until my local site re-opens...

So, now that I am at the end of this project, what do I think of it? Honestly, it was very expensive. More expensive than I initially thought. I suppose that's my only regret, if I can even call it that. It was a lot to spend, so I'm a little apprehensive about testing it as I'm worried it will not meet my expectations. Hopefully it will and I'll have a new primary weapon for airsoft, as while I love ghillie sniping with my VSR, I have recently had a taste of faster paced marksman-style gameplay and sometimes doing some sniper hunting, since there has been such a huge increase in springers since I started back in 2006.

Also, this will give me more opportunity to use my pistol, which was also a part of this project. I wanted the ultimate loadout. As long as both perform well when I test fire them once the site re-opens, I should have it all done. Mission accomplished.

I will likely replace the flash hider with a suppressor when I do go and skirmish with it, but it's currently on my VSR. I do like putting suppressors on literally everything, after all!

List of all parts and items included for each:

TM m14

Deans connectors

Guarder m120 full tune up kit

ASG Infinity CNC Motor (U-30000)

Modify Baton Ryusoku flat hard hop up bucking

Prometheus 6.03mm barrel w/ Umbrella Armory r-hop patch

PCS m3 3.5 - 10x40 scope

PCS 40mm scope kill flash

Guarder RAS handguard

ASG universal bipod

Warrior Assault Systems 2-point sling

6x TM low-cap m14 magazines w/ magpuls (because the stubby mags are pants and have feeding issues)

TM m1911

Nineball 6.03mm barrel

Nineball VSR soft hop up bucking

Nineball metal outer SAS NEO threaded barrel

Warrior Assault Systems pistol lanyard

5x TM m1911 magazines


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