• Tariq Slee-Egeler

Clash of the Olympians ends in a nail biter

Updated: Mar 28

Another fantastic weekend of Tekken ended with a close fought victory for CRaZY Super Akouma over UYU JeonDDing.

Coming from losers bracket, JeonDDing had his work cut out for him in this rematch as he had already faced Super Akouma in the winners finals.

The match was very back and forth between the competitors, with JeonDDing managing to force a reset, but in the end he couldn't quite get the victory.

The peak of the match was definitely a clutch play by JeonDDing, coming back from a huge life bar deficit to win a round in spectacular fashion.

Clipped by Twitch user RickyMercury

There was a definite push behind JeonDDing in this final, with the predominantly European crowd cheering in favour of the Korean player after the dominance of Akuma players in the competition, with the final three including two Akuma players plus JeonDDing.

Regardless, it was yet another fantastic week of Tekken and some well-deserved points were earned by the top competitors.

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