• Tariq Slee-Egeler

Becoming One With Nature

It's important to think about the spiritual. We should all contemplate our own sprituality and commune with Mother Nature on a regular basis to encourage spiritual strength and fortitude in these trying times.

Nah, I'm kidding. I put together a ghillie suit and that's what this will all be about.

But the title is still somewhat accurate. Using a ghillie suit puts you very close and very intimate with Mother Nature...

Anyway, I decided to go for a webtex concealment vest as a base. The reason I went for this is twofold. First, it's a mesh base, meaning it's breathable. It's super lightweight and I've used this once before, without the fabric, in the summer in Spain without sweating buckets. Secondly, the elastic loops all over it are perfect for mounting fabric, but also for stuffing in natural foliage at the start of the game day. Also, while it only covers my back and half the back of my legs, this is all you need it to do. These leaf suits with loads of stuff on the front are just way too hot and wholly unnecessary.

Then, I decided to use some synthetic ghillie fibers to add some fabric to it. This will not be the main thing that conceals me, but will help break up the outline and make it look a bit more natural and grassy. I used these because they're less flammable than normal burlap or jute threads, supposedly don't absorb water like a sponge and came pre-separated in the colours I need and at a cheap price. Win-win.

The way I attached the threads to the vest was simple. I'd get a bunch of random colours and tie them to the elastic loops with a double knot. Super simple, but it's time consuming. I think it took me about 6 hours to make, but looking at the bigger picture that really wasn't very long whatsoever. I put slightly more fabric than I will need, as some will come out as not every thread ended up being tied into a double knot. Any that didn't make the knot will inevitably come loose, but the lost fibers is minimal and, as I said earlier, it's not the main part of the suit.

Honestly, I really like how it turned out. I'll wear a cap under the hood to keep fibers and natural foliage out of my face, but also to allow me to turn my head with the hood on and attached without it just staying stationary.

End product? I'm totally loving it!

And finally, the items I used, where to get them from and their prices:

Yep. That's really it. £53 and 6 hours of tying knots for a suit that, in my opinion, is better than the shop bought overheated swamp monster abominations that usually cost at least double the price. Now I can go lie in the dirt when my local airsoft site re-opens on 5th July!


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