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Airsoft Retailer Spotlight - Skirmshop

Updated: Mar 28

This is a new series I thought of while thinking of ideas to blog about here. I had a discussion with some other airsofters last weekend at the skirmish where I was using my m14 (which I also wrote about here) about different airsoft retailers and which ones to trust. Therefore, I thought I would start writing about airsoft retailers that I have direct experience with and wanted to start this series with a retailer that I made an order with this very week: Skirmshop.

I will start by stating that this is not a retailer for your standard go-to airsoft goodies, or a good place to shop if you're new and looking to get into airsoft. It's mostly upgrade parts. If you're looking for a new RIF, go to another retailer as their Netherlands site has none, while their UK site has a few pistols and sniper rifles, which I would never suggest any new airsofter to start with. Where I highly rate Skirmshop is their supply of gear and upgrade parts for airsofters like me: snipers, airsoft ninjas and Big Boss enthusiasts. They're basically like a one-stop shop for people like me.

For context, the items I have ordered from them were the rest of the power upgrades for my VSR (cylinder, cylinder head, sorbo pads and spring), some spring tensioners to tweak my joules once the spring is worn in, a webtex base layer and a leaf suit (because full ghillies are way too warm). They also stock the Springer Custom Works VSR parts too, though I had already ordered about a month past from Springer Custom Works themselves. I will talk about them another time, but they're fantastic parts. I have even included a picture of an indoor bush. There's no context for this, I just thought you might appreciate the botany.

Considering I am ordering from the UK, I was pleasantly surprised at just how speedy their shipping was from their Netherlands site. I made my order on the Tuesday morning and had it by Thursday.

Would I recommend them for other stuff? BBs? RIFs? AEG parts and accessories? I probably would, to be honest, apart from the RIFs as they don't really stock any on the Netherlands site and very few on their UK site. They stock a decent selection of parts and accessories, as well as decent quality BBs. The selection of parts is good, but when to comes to accessories and tactical gear, I'd honestly look elsewhere as you can get more variety in more specialised shops. However, take this with a pinch of salt as I have only ordered stealth and sniper parts. As with any upgrades, do your research on parts. I made the big brain play of buying a standard AEG barrel for my m14 when I was newer to airsoft and then realised m14 barrels were cut slightly differently. Don't rush it; research what you need and take your time. This is not a cheap hobby...

My only criticism comes with stock levels on their UK site. Part of the reason I order so heavily from their Netherlands based site is because the UK site is out of stock on so many things. Furthermore, like a lot of places it seems that stock issues are not solved. I emailed them asking when they thought they could get their pre-upgraded TM mk23 back in and was answered with "we should be able to put them up next week." I put on a stock alert and patiently waited. That was three weeks ago. Credit where credit is due, they answered me very quickly and advised what weight BBs to use with it, but I'm still waiting for it to be in stock so I can complete my loadout. Get on it, Skirmshop!

All in all, this retailer is fantastic. I have made around four or five separate orders with them and every time the order has been handled without issue. All the gear I have received has been top notch. Postage is fast, tracked and affordable. You can find them at both their Netherlands site and UK site. If you need any stealth or sniper stuff, you definitely want to check them out. I'm really looking forward to putting this leaf suit to use next weekend.


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