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Airsoft Impressions #2 - TM VSR10 (upgraded!)

Updated: Mar 28

I had a really difficult time deciding what to go with for this week's article. It was between the upgraded TM VSR10 I was running... and the leaf suit. It was a first for both, with the VSR only recently getting the most important part it required, but also the leaf suit was a very recent purchase. As you can tell from the title, I went for the VSR.

Now, the VSR is my 2nd oldest airsoft gun, after my Bell 1911 which is more of a display piece rather than a proper sidearm I would take to a skirmish; especially considering the British climate! It has been stock, other than a Prometheus 6.03mm tightbore, since about 2011. I recently took the plunge and decided to upgrade it, getting all the bells and whistles to make it as powerful and accurate as it could be. The specs are as follows, with links to where you can get them: TM VSR10 Pro - Patrolbase (UK), fire-support (UK), Evike (US)

Springer Custom Works S-Trigger - Springer Custom Works (EU), Skirmshop (EU)

Springer Custom Works Piston - Springer Custom Works (EU), Skirmshop (EU)

Springer Custom Works Spring Guide - Springer Custom Works (EU), Skirmshop (EU)

Laylax Teflon Cylinder - Skirmshop (EU), Skirmshop (UK), Evike (US)

Laylax Stainless Steel Cylinder Head - Skirmshop (EU), Skirmshop (UK)

Laylax PSS10 130 Spring - Skirmshop (EU), Skirmshop (UK)

Laylax PSS10 Sorbo Pad - Skirmshop (EU), Skirmshop (UK)

EdGI 6.01mm Brass tightbore with Rhop patch + Action Army hop unit drop in kit - hopsystems (US)

I did lie ever so slightly here. I put that I was using a PSS10 130 spring, but in fact it was a 120 spring today. I merely put the 130 spring there as it is what I will be putting back into the cylinder, as the 120 spring had my VSR chrono at around 1.8 joules, while I can go up to 2.32. Next game day I will have the 130 in there.

Saying that I was pleased with how this rifle performed was an understatement. I bought some 0.45g BBs, adjusted the hop up and made sure the scope was sighted in before going out into the field for the games. I would love to give you a range estimate, but the fact is the BBs were travelling completely straight out to about 60 metres before I lost track of where they were going, however they were showing no signs of dropping by this point.

In game it was fantastic. While it didn't see too much use in the first game, as I was spending too much time getting surrender kills and generally hitting players with my sidearm from silly concealed positions, I soon got into the groove of using it. See, with a higher powered rifle, I have a minimum engagement distance of 30 metres, which I am not used to as I generally like to keep the muzzle velocity low enough to get that flexibility of no MED. I found myself making incredibly long range shots with some incredible accuracy, while not pinpoint accuracy as it is still a BB gun. Best shot of the day was someone poking their head from behind a tree trying to locate where I was firing from in my leaf suit. He poked his head out to look, I took the shot and watched the BB fly about 55 - 60 metres, before striking his face mask and causing him to recoil from the shot. As a note, I don't usually go for headshots; it's a dick move and just makes my job harder, but it was the only target I was presented with. Centre mass is where it's at.

I feel that I would be a bad blogger if I didn't talk about the drawbacks. there are some very obvious drawbacks to using a bolt action airsoft rifle and it comes down to two things. Firstly, your rate of fire is severely limited. If you miss your shot and the enemy know where you are, you're going to get overrun as they can just move in range with their AEG and hose you down with full-auto fire. Secondly, you have a minimum engagement distance if you're running it at high muzzle velocity like most do. This means that if someone is too close, you have to transition to your secondary weapon, either giving up your position due to the movement of drawing your sidearm or missing due to your sidearm not having the accuracy to hit a small target at that distance if they are using cover.

With all said and done, I am truly happy with how it performed today and will definitely be using it more. It has, at least for the moment, cemented its position as my go-to gun for woodland skirmishing, however when I get the Cyma m14 project underway or the mk23, we'll see how that goes. For now though, fantastic gun with fantastic performance.


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