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Airsoft Impressions #1 - Tokyo Marui m14

Updated: Mar 28

With another successful day of skirmishing over, I thought I would start blogging about it, as that is part of the point I set up this site in the first place. My initial thoughts are that I will write about something from that skirmish, whether it's tactics, fieldcraft, gear or RIFs and this is the first one I'm doing, so what better way to start than to take a look at the RIF I was using this weekend: my Tokyo Marui m14.

Now, I will preface this by saying that the m14 is one of my favourite real-steel firearms. I don't know what it is about the gun, I just love it. I think it's the shape of the rifle, combined with some uses in cinema and video games, as well as that one time me and one other guy held out against an entire enemy team after our team got rolled over and we had to defend the objective by ourselves; I was using a Well L96 at the time and rocking the ghillie, while he was using an m14. I acknowledge the real steel one has some issues, but I don't care about that. This is airsoft!

I will start with the specs. It's basically a standard TM m14 out of the box. There are no aftermarket upgrades put into it, it's just straight TM pixie magic. I run it with five low-capacity magazines, meaning I go into the game area with only around 350 BBs in total, which is around the same as a single hi-cap magazine. Difference is, I have to reload and 70 BBs disappear far quicker than you may think, even on semi-auto only. The scope is... a really old one I got when I was about 16 and still in school, firing air rifles with my father. I'm not going to lie, it's sort of awful, but my good scope belongs on another of my guns (that I will probably write about next skirmish day as the last parts are almost here...), however it does the job it needs to do. The sling is a standard Viper two-point sling which is also sort of awful but also does the job (again, my expensive real-steel slings are on some of my more pricey guns).

How did it perform today? I will be honest, it performed decently, but it wasn't mind-blowing. It actually inspired me to buy a CYMA m14 as a project gun to upgrade and then compare with the "TM magic" that everyone goes on about. However, that is for another time as I cannot justify the spend right now. It was a bit breezy in south-east England today, which was sending my .25g BBs flying everywhere, though that said it was putting accurate fire down to about 45 metres. There was one part where I was doing my sneaky-beaky thing and hiding in a bush when about eight or so enemy players pushed through my team mates to my left. I adjusted my position and let the semi-auto fire fly, watching the BBs arc in the wind (that I had compensated for like some sort of pro) and make contact with the enemy players at around the 40 metre mark. Alas, I could not drop all of them, so one made it past and onto the objective, ending the game.

Now, considering it is a stock TM and therefore firing at an underwhelming 280fps with .2g BBs, I feel that 45 metres in the wind is definitely decent, however it doesn't feel like a DMR as I would like to imagine it. Just look at the photo of it above, it looks like it should be a DMR, but I feel that the range just isn't good enough for me to call it one. I do appreciate the lack of a minimum engagement distance that the DMRs and snipers at my site have, limiting them to not fire at anyone within 30 metres, but with a good sidearm that isn't really an issue.

Overall, I guess I'm just conflicted over the fact that it's not a DMR. Is it a fantastic AEG? Yes. Hands down. As long as you can lift it as it's a heavy piece of equipment, it's a great AEG, but out of the box I wouldn't call it a DMR. I'm not taking apart the gearbox and upgrading the power, as V7 gearboxes are a nightmare to work with and I'm no airsoft tech, but I am serious about what I said earlier. I think I will pick up a CYMA m14 and use it as a project gun to see exactly how much I can squeeze out of it. I already have an Umbrella Armory R-hop barrel on its way and there's a Prometheus flat hop rubber and nub sitting on my desk that I was originally going to put in my TM, but I will experiment on a cheaper gun instead. After all, the TM m14 set me back about £340, but I am curious to see just how far that TM magic will go when compared with a custom build.


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